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Saturday, January 11, 2014

The 2014 Purpose Prize

$100,000 Prize from Encore.org Seeking Nominations NOW!

What are you doing after work? If you know someone 60+ that is making a difference for their community and making society better, you can nominate them for The Purpose Prize sponsored by the John Templeton Foundation and The Atlantic Philanthropies and run by Encore.org. There is a second $100,000 prize in 2014 for an individual whose approach to helping society will grow steadily over the next five years.
The Process: 
You may nominate yourself or someone else. They must be at least 60 years old at the time of nomination.
Nominations are accepted until January 31, 2014 at 11:59 Eastern Time.  Nominees will be contacted by encore.org and must complete the online application and application narrative by February 7, 2014.
Semi-finalists are required to submit a resume, references and have a telephone interview by March 28, 2014. 
Learn more about the awards, encore fellowships, view a 2:40 minute video and learn more about past winners at www.encore.org.
 In the 21st Century there is a new vision for 60-year-olds. With over twenty years ahead of them, today’s sixty-year-olds are redefining personal fulfillment, social impact and passion. People at sixty are not fading away; they are moving from success to significance in their lives. According to encore.org, the top five encore careers are: 
Health Care Encores
Green Encores
Government Encores
Nonprofit Encores
Education Encores
Even if this year is not your year to pursue a Purpose Prize; this is a great time to learn more about the award and work toward becoming a finalist. This is the ninth year of the program and it shows no signs of going away. 


  1. Is this award just for US citizens?

  2. Yes, on the encore.org website, the prize is for U.S. residents and U.S. residents that reside abroad.