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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Keep Your Dream Alive

Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly....proverb

Monday Morning Pep Talk

Midlife can be overwhelming, there’s no other way to describe it. On Friday a good friend of mine started her day off being robbed at home---and all the hassles that entails along with the feeling of being violated. She arrived at work to find unexpected turmoil there and additional situations flared throughout the day. Some things you can try to plan for like Hurricane Sandy barreling its way to the East Coast this week. Other life events blindside us and knock us off balance for a minute. Sometimes in mid-life you begin to think, when will I finally get a break?

Here’s a tip someone gave me that I really consider a gift; so I’ll share it with you. Never stop dreaming. Keep at least three dreams: #1 The impossible dream, the one that is really out there. You can’t even share it out loud because people might think you are crazy. #2 The dream that with the right breaks, the right people coming into your life, the hard work on your part, you could see it really happening. #3 The dream future you see for yourself in whatever timeframe you are working on. It could be next week when you are on vacation. Maybe it is next month visiting friends and family for Thanksgiving. It could be next year; in five years when you retire—whatever.

In our hectic lives, it is easy to lose sight of our dreams. In the middle of the e-mails that must be read; the phone calls that must be returned; and reports that are due, find a minute and remember your dreams. If you don’t have a dream, create one. I asked the person who shared the 3-dream idea with me, “where am I supposed to find the time?” He told me about going to sit in his car in the parking lot at work just to take a few minutes to remember the big picture and his dream of a home on the coast overlooking an ocean. It energized him. For years, my friend and his family had experienced the worst of times—job losses, serious illness and unexpected family deaths. Years passed and later, I visited my friend and his family in their incredible home overlooking the ocean. They were changed, tested by what the years had put them through yet, stronger, wiser and more confident having survived it.

I reminded my friend of what he shared with me about holding on to my dreams and the impact that conversation has had on my life. I asked, “what’s the encore?” looking at their expansive home and incredible ocean view while almost feeling the positive vibe in the air.  He smiled and said, “You ain’t seen nothing, yet!” So, this week dig around and find your dream if you’ve lost it. Create a dream if you don’t have one. Remember your dream, if life has gotten in the way. You have 168 hours to take the first steps toward making your dreams reality. Have a great week!

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  1. They were changed, tested by what the years had put them through yet, stronger, wiser and more confident having survived it. here